Welcome to the world of Girthology!

This wiki is about the ill-pioneered theory of Girthology. Coined by the new-age abstract philosopher, Dylan Moore in 2015, Girthology is the study of the extent of any individual human's Girthic capabilities. Bear in mind that the literal, dictionary definition of "girth" is not applicable here; it is solely utilized as a placeholder word to represent an abstract concept intended to describe, in a broad sense, the quality and sincerity of one's parental or administrative capabilities. This theory has been developed entirely by one person and he aims to keep it that way (or at least until further Girthic civilizations are found in either local or neighboring galaxies; there have been no native Girthic sightings as of Sept. 1, 2017). Explore this wiki to discover different girth variations, girth levels, and girth indicators in the modern world. This seemingly-excessive theory is, by no means, an elaborate joke. This is a legitimate philosophy developed under one human being through the influence of personal and external analysis. Additionally, it is highly recommended for any newcomers to click any of the useful links provided below. They are listed in descending order of importance and pertinence to the nature of Girthologist theory.

What is Girthology?

Aside from the more in-depth description that can be found on its own page, in a broad sense, Girthology is both a philosophy as well as an intended template to serve as a means of analyzing one's prospect of life through his/her girth. "Girth" is not utilized in its literal sense, but, in this case, has a self-assigned connotative meaning of one's ability to oversee and to nurture subordinates. This information goes infinitely more in-depth on its own page.

Useful pages to get started

In order to properly immerse yourself in the rich, vibrant world of Girthology, I highly recommend you check out these:

Dylan Moore, the sex god that coined the term, developed the theory, this wiki, and does literally 100% of everything as of now.

Girthology, the central theory for this entire wiki, and, likely the most abundant in content on the entire site.

Girth Matters

Words of wisdom for aspiring Girthologists.